JuJu (permafrostxx) wrote,

For those of you who want to know what happened to produce such a reaction as like my last post, and with </a></b></a>_ellone_ and michael. but main reason - well, different people have different reasons for wanting to murder someone.

somebody needs to be shot

he bitches like a girl. honestly, i insult him, next thing you know, he's bitching about me on his blog. what kind of guy does that?

oh, and the entry which started all this is the entry on date 29th June.

and people who really really hate him - i advise that for personal amusement, go read michael's entry
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i don't get it....how is he the black sheep when he had his 'friends' from school there too. why would he come if he didn't feel like he was wanted there?
apparently he doesn't know those two that well.

and as for the last sentence, that's what i've been wondering. if he didn't want to come, it's not like i would hit him if he said no.
Apparently Quinton is like really unpopular in SHS o_O


July 4 2005, 04:47:28 UTC 12 years ago

Heya, its the dickfuck here.

I'm just going to lay down the FACTS.
I wanted to come, if i didn't then I would of have said no but i did so i said yes.
I can say that Quinton is just some guy in my grade whilst Henry is an aquaintance.
I guess i expressed myself too openly just like Tupac so i guess i do need to get shot...just like tupac.
I didn't consider the consequences when i wrote what i did but then again, you guys weren't so hesitant in expressing your opinions.
So in truth, I apologise for whatever you have taken offence in.

Good day.
Heyyyy, I went to trinity beach school too :)
and you are...?
Dont mind me, I'm just commenting on random journals.
woah. is this jaja? o_0
wow, good guess. how DID you find my Lj?

Deleted comment

awesome. i will now proceed to friend you back so you can view more entries and see how whacked i am. wonderful, isn't it?
Just surved by O____O because you commented in my LJ ^^
(About the icons O___O I used a wrong icon XDDDD~ for my first reply to you... don't be offended *g* because the icon I wanted to use -second post- was under the wrong one... arg... doesn't make sense, but if you have eMail notification on, you'll see what I mean XD).

Hm... read that post you pointed out OO
Really weird stuff...
yeah, it is.

i have many people who don't like the way i do things.